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December 3, 2014 Colonia Board of Fire Commissioners Regular Minutes


December 3, 2014 Colonia Board of Fire Commissioners Regular Meeting

The regular meeting of the Colonia Board of Fire Commissioners took place at the Colonia Firehouse on December 3, 2014 at 7:57pm. The meeting was called to order by Board President Ray Hughes followed by a moment of silence for departed members.

Notice of the meeting was advertised in the Home News Tribune and the Asbury Park
Press and at Town Hall.
Commissioners present: Ray Hughes, Jim Souza, Ed Sheehan, Bill Higgins, Sr., and
Bill Higgins, Jr.

EMS, E. Giardina
Elaine handed in November payroll to Commissioner Souza.

Chiefs Report, B. Stellmach
Chief Stellmach did have the percentages tonight. He will put them in the
Commissioners’ mailboxes.

Buildings and Grounds, Commissioner Higgins, Sr.
There was the inspection here and at the first aid squad. Someone is coming in to do the vents. Filters for the heat at squad need to be changed.

Treasurer's Report
(See attached)
A motion to accept treasurer's report was made by Commissioner Sheehan and seconded by Commissioner Higgins, Jr. Motion passed by a unanimous vote.

Water and Hydrants, Commissioner Higgins, Jr.

Insurance, Commissioner Hughes, Jr.

Alarms and Radios, Commissioner Higgins, Jr.
Commissioner Higgins will call Wunder Electric in regards to the radio room. Fred is coming on Tuesday to do radios. We have someone coming on Thursday to look at headsets and give us a price on hooking up wireless cameras.

Personnel, Commissioner Souza
Everything was covered in agenda meeting.

Trucks and Equipment, Commissioner Sheehan
Went over all items during the agenda meeting. Purchasing, Commissioner Hughes, Jr.
Commissioner Hughes will be ordering another computer for the radio room for new
CAD coming in.
Commissioner Higgins, Jr. made motion to purchase new computer and seconded by
Commissioner Higgins, Sr. Motion passed by a unanimous vote.

Old Business
Commissioner Higgins wanted to know what the Commissioners were going to do with
12-2. Randy Garrett was looking into S. Orange taking it. Commissioners will give
Randy to the end of the month to get back to them with an answer.

New Business
Firefighter Giardina gave an update on grants.
Commissioner Sheehan gave out the meeting schedule for 2015.
Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Commissioner Higgins, Sr. and seconded by
Commissioner Sheehan at 8:16pm. Motion passed by unanimous vote.