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  • The Colonia Fire Department takes the Patriot flag to Giants Stadium



In 2005 the Township of Woodbridge will be starting the process of going to a trunked radio system for the township. This will include police, fire, ems, and other municipal departments. It will take about three years to get it up and running.

In 2005 the hall on the second floor was remodeled with new paneling. Also we updated our camera security system with more cameras and better recording capabilities. On May 14th of this year the Colonia Fire Department responded to an unusual call for an assist. The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife needed assistance in capturing a 164lb 1 ½ year old Black Bear on Jordan Road. The Woodbridge police received a early morning call that a black bear was roaming around their backyard. When the police arrived they started looking for it. They called in the fire department to help in the search. Once the bear was sighted they called the Division of Fish & Wildlife. Being a weekend a crew had to be called in. When the Division arrived in the afternoon the fire department was called back to the scene to assist the Division. The bear was found, tranquilized and climbed up a tree. The fire fighters waited under the tree with a net to catch him once he fell out of tree. The bear then fell out of the tree into the net, and he was bought up to the Divisions pick up truck. It was a successful operation, between the police, fireman and the division, with the many bystanders glad that the bear was not killed or injured.