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  • The Colonia Fire Department takes the Patriot flag to Giants Stadium



In 2000 we were given okay to start addition on building. We bought more rescue tools from Hurst, a synmo pack, ram extensions, and a multipurpose tool (Maverick Tool).

In 2001 we purchased a Dodge 3500 4-wheel drive with dual rear wheels and a 20' trailer for the trench rescue team. It went into service in May.

We started paying a fireman to be around in the daytime to take messages, deliveries, and handle the day to day business of the firehouse. This was previously done by Raymond J. Hughes Sr. for twenty years. He was a Commissioner and retired.

We did a major overhaul of the firemens room and the bathrooms
In the township the Joint Board of Fire Commissioners bought a Fire Safety Trailer with a weather package to be used by all the township companies, all year instead of just around Fire Prevention week or having to wait two years to get the trailer from St. Barnabus Hospital. Colonia Fire Commissioner was the President of Joint Board of Fire Commissioners when this was purchased.

In 2001we continued to support the Colonia First Aid Squad by paying for the Rahway First Aid Squad to supply day coverage with paid crews, and we also replaced roof and heating/air conditioning system in building.

On September 11th 2001 the New York City World Trade Center buildings were struck by commercial jet liners that were taken over by highjackers along with another highjacked plane that struck the Pentagon building in Washington D.C. A fourth highjacked plane in route to Washington D.C crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers fought with the highjackers in trying to regain control of the plane. The World trade Center buildings collapsed in about an hour and a half trapping three hundred forty three firefighters inside. All of the rest of the city firemen rushed to the scene to help rescue their fallen Brothers from the rubble leaving the rest of the city without fire protection. Fire departments from Long Island, New Jersey and towns north of the city were called into the city to fill the firehouses and cover all other calls. The Colonia Fire Department sent one engine to Brooklyn for twenty-eight hours before being relieved by another fire department. They covered a firehouse on Rogers Street as engine 249 and they ran with FDNY ladder 113. The firehouse was nick named Rogers Rats. In all rescues teams from the Merck, Elizabeth, Metuchen fire departments were sent to Staten Island to stand-by for use on the pile(as it was referred to). At least fifty fire departments were sent to New York City from Middlesex and Union Counties on the first response. Over two hundred ambulances from New Jersey were sent to Liberty State Park and to ferry ports to treat the injured the Colonia First Aid Squad sent two ambulances that day. This was the first time in the history of the FDNY that this much mutual aid was given to the city. In all the FDNY lost three hundred forty three fire fighters that day, the largest lost of fire fighters at one time in the history of the country and most likely the world. About one hundred of the fire fighters lost were officers including the Chief of department. On a personal note my cousin April lost her husband Lieutenant John Ginley of Engine 40 in Manhattan. The collapse also crushed about eighty of the department vechiles. There were also about eighty NYPD police officers and New York/New Jersey Port Authority police officers killed who were stationed out of the trade center.

In 2001 we started seeing our old 1969 Mack pumper which we sold to the Explorer group from Staten Island in advertising and television shows like Sex in the City and Third Watch. They rent out pumper to help raise money to run the group.