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  • The Colonia Fire Department takes the Patriot flag to Giants Stadium



The old firehouse was getting very small so the commissioners started planning for a new one, which was completed in 1966. The new building had three bays and a large hall on the second floor. The cost of the building was one hundred fifty thousand dollars. In addition, a new pumper was ordered and arrived in 1969.

A 1969 Mack with a 1000g.p.m. pump, 500-gallon booster tank, twin 1" boosters reels with high-pressure capacity off a power takeoff. All the equipment was stored in compartments on both sides of engine. All the ladders and hard suction hose was also stored under the hose bed. There were five compartments on each and one in the rear. It carried a full complement of ladders, 35', 24', 18', two 14' and a 10 ' folding. This was the pride of the fleet; it was the first fire engine of its kind. This fact was confirmed by Mack motors and all later fire trucks were built basically the same. The cost of this engine was thirty seven thousand dollars.

In the late 1960's, the fire department installed fire alarm boxes around the district, which are still in use today but updated to include a computer in its system.

The fire department purchased its first car in 1972, a 1966 Ford Falconfrom a uniform company. The cost of this car was six hundred dollars.