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  • The Colonia Fire Department takes the Patriot flag to Giants Stadium



However, another fire engine rotted away in the firehouse until in 1956, the VFW bought the property because the new fire department had never paid for the land. So, the VFW had to pay the original owner the three hundred dollars owed.

In 1954, a petition was endorsed to re-instate the fire district, and a year later (1955) Fire District # 12 was re-instated with five fire commissioners to oversee the fire department. During the early years, the commissioners had owned the firehouse. After 1951, the fire department gave shares to the firemen based on how long they were on. But, the firemen who went to the other fire department and came back were not given shares. Later in 1962, the commissioners placed on the ballot the request that the taxpayers purchase the firehouse and everything in it at a cost of forty thousand dollars.

In 1955, the new commissioners of the newly reinstated Fire District #12 set out to replace some of the older fire engines. The first piece of equipment bought was a 1942 Mack pumper. It was originally a Martinsburg Hose Company # 3 of West Virginia fire engine and had a 500 g.p.m. pump. The cost of this engine was five thousand three hundred dollars. In 1957, the company purchased a 1953 Studebaker pickup and converted it into a utility truck. This truck only lasted a short time and was replaced with a 1960 International utility truck in 1959.

At this time, the fire department now was tied into the Woodbridge Police Department for receiving fire calls by sirens and later by plectrons also. The 1959 Mack was returned to Mack Motors because of shifting problems. They loaned Colonia a 1939 Mack until the problem was repaired and the truck returned to Colonia.

The fire department started its journey into the next century, by purchasing its first new fire engine, a 1959 Mack pumper with a 750 g.p.m. pump 500 gallon booster tank, one booster reel and a 1 ½ preconnected line in the rear tray. The cost of this engine was twenty one thousand two hundred dollars.