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  • The Colonia Fire Department takes the Patriot flag to Giants Stadium


Bureau of Fire Prevention

The Colonia Bureau of Fire Prevention's primary mission is to provide a safe environment for all Residents and Businesses of District #12. The Bureau accomplishes this mission by the enforcement of the New Jersey State Uniform Fire Code and other applicable codes and standards. The Bureau provides public education to schools and other civic organizations. All fire incidents occurring within Fire District #12 are investigated for cause and origin and joint investigations are conducted with Municipal, County and State agencies. The Bureau conducts a Juvenile Fire Watch Program which aids in the intervention of young offenders. The Bureau provides the following services to residents of District #12.

  • Commercial Business Inspections
  • Fire Scene Examination
  • Public Fire Prevention Education
  • Juvenile Fire Watch Intervention Program
  • Knox Box-Secure Key Program
  • Emergency Invalid Identification Program
  • Residential Inspection Program
  • Complaint Investigations

The Bureau may be contacted at 732-388-6666 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

William R. Schleck, Fire Official

Richard Hanley, Fire Inspector

Joseph Fugaro, Fire Inspector